Good Luck TOEFL

Day of the Test

After weeks or months of studying the day of your TOEFL test has finally arrived! Of course, you should get enough sleep the night before and make sure your clothes and all necessary identification documents are already organized.

In addition, following a few simple strategies will make your day easier, and enable you to do your best.

  • Have a moderate meal so you don't feel hungry.

  • Don't overindulge in sweets, coffee, or cigarettes or the cravings will come back to hit you during your test.

  • Drink enough water but not so much you need to take frequent bathroom breaks.

  • Avoid soft drinks which make you feel thirsty sooner.

  • Do something relaxing before your test. Only you can determine what that might be.

  • Avoid friends who tend to be jittery or agitated. You don't want to absorb their nervous energy.

  • Use relaxation techniques, such as progressive relaxation, or meditation.

  • Strive for relaxed concentration.

  • Arrive at the test centre early so you have plenty of time to complete administrative procedures and relax.

  • Do some deep breathing exercises anytime you start to feel too nervous. It will refocus your mind and ground you.

  • Expect some anxiety. It's normal.

  • Stay calm and don’t panic, even if something looks difficult. Often a "hard" reading passage is followed by easy questions!

  • Focus only on your own exam and don't think about what the other students are doing.

  • Treat yourself to a reward after the exam. You have worked hard and deserve the holiday!