Good Luck TOEFL

Online TOEFL iBT Training

Today, a wide variety of online TOEFL training options exist for ESL/EFL students. This is helpful to those in remote locations, those who need to study at awkward hours, those who enjoy online learning and   those who are simply looking for something more.

Generally, online TOEFL training sites offer options to:

  • complete practice TOEFL iBT tests

  • rehearse TOEFL iBT Speaking questions

  • submit practice TOEFL iBT Writing samples

  • develop your vocabulary

  • strengthen your grammar

In general, studying TOEFL online is an effective, additional way to bolster your English language skills. Magoosh provides a comprehensive TOEFL learning and practice course at a good price. BestMyTest is another TOEFL training and practice platform.

You can also watch free lessons online. engVid provides free English lesson videos. Watch the free TOEFL videos on that site, but also go to their IELTS videos section, because a lot of the IELTS material is also useful for the TOEFL.