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TOEFL iBT Book Review:
Delta’s Key to the Next Generation TOEFL Test

Delta’s Key to the Next Generation TOEFL Test is one of the most popular TOEFL guidebooks on the market. Many ESL schools rely on this book to form the core of their test preparation curriculum, because it is so comprehensive.

One of the reasons for Delta's popularity among ESL teachers is the fact that each of the four main sections of the book is organized very systematically, with a steady build-up of the academic and language skills required to do well on the test. The book is extremely user-friendly and is also ideal for self-study.

In terms of level, though the book claims to be advanced, in reality, most students who are considering doing this exam can deal with the moderately challenging exercises, without feeling overwhelmed. The layout of the book is also easy on the eye, and students don't feel hemmed in with too much material on a single page.

The book also provides hundreds of tips and strategies to help students cope with each section of the exam. Four full-length exams are included, along with hundreds of practice units.

According to the publisher, the book provides enough material to cover about 15 weeks of study. A detailed study plan for 75 hours of learning is included, which can assist students working on their own as well as teachers.  The only disadvantage is that the ten audio CDs which go with the book usually need to be bought separately.