Good Luck TOEFL

TOEFL iBT Resources

One thing is for sure – you are not alone in studying for the TOEFL iBT!

There is an entire industry built up around the subject of test preparation, and many types of resources are available to you. In the beginning, it might all seem confusing, but essentially, you can look at three different methods to help you build up your skills for the TOEFL iBT:

  • Independent Learning with Books & Software

  • In-Class or Online Training

  • A Combination of the Above

Independent learning means buying a TOEFL iBT guidebook and / or software and studying by yourself or with a partner. This is recommended for those who can study better alone and who are self-motivated. It is not recommended for those who tend to be social learners. However, all students will need to buy at least one or two good TOEFL guidebooks and work independently to build up their skills at home, in any case.

At some point, either in the beginning or along the way, most students choose to attend a TOEFL preparation class. This is a good decision and investment, as you can learn a lot from an experienced teacher and also from other students who may have appeared for the exam before. The classroom environment provides a support structure and sense of camaraderie, so you don’t feel that you are only one who is being punished by having to appear for the exam!

Additionally, certain skill areas, such as speaking and writing require the feedback of an experienced ESL teacher, as you cannot grade yourself or judge the quality of your answers.

Today, a variety of websites offer TOEFL preparation services online, which can be helpful if you are in a remote location, need the flexibility of studying at awkward hours and times, or are simply looking for additional practice.

The preferred way to study for the TOEFL is a combination of the above – studying independently at home, attending a live TOEFL class and perhaps receiving additional support through programs and exercises online.

More than anyone else, you know yourself – your strengths and your weaknesses in English – and only you can put together the perfect mix of learning options to suit your budget, boost your confidence and develop your language and exam taking skills.