Good Luck TOEFL

TOEFL iBT - ESL Schools

Many ESL / EFL schools and language schools offer TOEFL Preparation Classes, along with a wide range of other language training programs. The quality of these classes may be superior, equal, or inferior to that of exam prep centres. It all depends on a wide range of variables: the teacher, the materials, the school management, and the level of the students themselves.

ESL schools may have the flexibility to offer full or part-time TOEFL Preparation Programs. They may have separate classes for each of the skills – reading, writing, listening, and speaking. They may also offer TOEFL classes at different levels.

The advantage of studying in a general ESL / EFL school is that there are many other programs which you can take if you need additional help in improving your English, such as pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar.

The disadvantage is that the teachers may not be exam preparation specialists. While any English teacher can help you to improve your English, the general ESL / EFL teacher may not be able to give you the specialized knowledge, tips, and "TOEFL secrets" required to help you ace the exam. So, pay a visit first, ask questions in class and come to your own conclusions.