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Free TOEFL Independent Speaking Samples - Task 2

Do you like to try new kinds of food or eat the same kind of food all the time? Use details and examples to support your answer.

I prefer to eat the food I know most of the time.

From the time I was young, I was always a bit fussy and finicky about eating. I don’t really know the reason why. I never liked to feel an unfamiliar taste in my mouth. It’s almost as if I could tell how foods tasted without trying them, and so I restricted my diet to those foods I really enjoyed.

As I got older, I realized that I was actually very healthy, even if I was a little thin. So I continued to eat the foods I loved, when I was at home or in restaurants. I never enjoyed going to people’s homes for dinner because the choices would be limited and I didn’t know in advance what they were going to cook.

Oh well, everyone has their pet peeves and this one is mine!

Do you prefer to go out to dinner or stay home and cook a meal? Use reasons to support your response.

I love cooking in my own home.

There are so many reasons for this. First, financially, it’s impossible to eat out often. You would end up spending a lot of extra money for no reason.

Second, health-wise, when I cook at home, I have control and can produce much more nutritious meals. Outside, I have no idea of the quality or quantity of the ingredients they have used.

Third, emotionally, cooking at home makes me feel relaxed, happy and secure. It gives me a warm feeling to know that my home smells of the delicious food that I have cooked. I also enjoy sharing a meal with my loved ones.

That’s why I only eat out on very special occasions or when I have no choice.