Good Luck TOEFL

Symptoms of Test Anxiety:

Go through the following list and count how many of these anxiety symptoms you have experienced before or while taking a test.


  • My stomach feels like it has “butterflies”.

  • My hands perspire or shake.

  • I feel breathless.

  • My heart pounds or races.

  • I feel like throwing up.

  • My mouth feels dry.

  • I feel too cold or too hot.

  • My muscles feel tense.

  • I have a headache.

  • I feel like I’m going to faint.


  • I can’t think.

  • I can’t concentrate or focus.

  • My mind “goes blank”.

  • I can’t remember things I know.

  • I feel confused.

  • I forget what I’m supposed to do.

  • I can’t organize my ideas.

  • I can’t remember key words.

  • My mind drifts to other thoughts.

  • I remember the words or answers after the test is over.


  • I feel that everyone else is fine, except me.

  • I feel frustrated easily.

  • I think I’m going to fail the test.

  • I feel helpless.

  • I feel disappointed in myself.

  • I feel angry.

  • I feel depressed

  • I feel “I can’t do this.”

  • I feel overwhelmed

  • I feel like crying.

Count your score in each of the areas and then add them up to get your total score.




If you scored more than 7 in any of the above areas, it is recommended that you speak to a counselor about how to alleviate your symptoms. You deserve to feel better!


25 – 30 points    
You experience a very high degree of test anxiety. Please take active steps to overcome this pressure by speaking to a doctor, counselor, or psychologist and learning all you can about the subject.

19 – 24 points
Your level of test anxiety is higher than normal. You would benefit greatly by implementing the suggestions on this website as well as seeking out further advice through books, websites, counselors, friends and family.

13 – 18 points
You experience a normal amount of test anxiety and can improve further by understanding the specific type of symptoms you experience.

6 – 12 points
You are quite calm when doing a test and can improve further by applying the techniques given.

0 – 5 points
You are very, very cool and in control when doing a test. Continue to maintain your good study habits.