Good Luck TOEFL

TOEFL iBT Administration

The TOEFL exam takes about four and one-half hours. In addition, you need to arrive at least half an hour early or you may not be admitted. This means that you could spend anywhere from five to six hours at the test centre. It makes sense to eat a proper meal before the exam and to dress comfortably, so you will not be hungry, thirsty, hot, cold, or otherwise distracted by your physical needs.

Depending on country, you will need to bring the required identification with you to the test center. This is critical, so make sure you understand clearly the ID requirements. You may also be photographed, videotaped or thumb printed -- just like a criminal!

You are not allowed to bring any personal items, other than your ID, into the testing room. You could also be asked to empty your pockets. You will regain access to your personal items only after the test has been completed, and not during the test or the break.

Generally, you may not choose your own seat but must take the seat you are assigned.

The test administrator has the authority to dismiss you from the test if you break any of the rules as specified in the test Bulletin or as given by the administrators. The rules are extensive and not only include prohibitions against creating a disturbance, and cheating, but also against using cellphones or taking food or drink into the testing room. For this reason, it is important to read through the TOEFL administration rules carefully in advance so you won't break a rule inadvertently.