Good Luck TOEFL

TOEFL iBT Registration

The most important thing to remember is to register early for the TOEFL iBT, so that you can get the date and test center you would like. You can register and pay online or by mail, depending on your testing location. Test fees vary by country so check the official website under “Register for the Test” to find out the required fees for your location.

Early registration usually closes seven days before the test date, while late registration closes two days before the test date. However, there is an additional fee for late registration, so register and pay early to avoid unnecessary inconvenience and expense.

On the day of the test, arrive early at the test center -- at least 30 minutes before the test -- or you may not be admitted, and will lose the fees you have paid.

Also ensure that you take the required identification documents with you. These requirements vary from country to country and from time to time, so check the latest requirements regularly before the exam.

By taking care of all the administrative details in an organized, systematic way, you will be calmer and more confident when appearing for the TOEFL.