Good Luck TOEFL

Free TOEFL Independent Speaking Samples - Task 1

What is the best quality of a good son or daughter? Why? Use specific reasons and details to support your choice.

I think the most important quality is kindness.

This is because kindness automatically includes so many other qualities. First, kindness implies that a son or daughter is helpful to the parents. This is critical no matter how old the child is.

Second, kindness means being respectful. There is nothing that touches parents’ hearts more than being treated well by a child. Conversely, nothing hurts parent more than when a child shouts at them.

Last, kindness incorporates so many other positive traits such as thoughtfulness, cooperation, caring, compassion, understanding and so on.

In today’s world, having loving parents is a blessing and children of all ages should honour that through their kind actions.

What is your favourite day of the year? Use reasons to support your answer.

My favourite day of the year is December 31.

This is due to many reasons. Personally, December 31 is full of hope and promise for the year ahead. Like others, I love to make resolutions to improve myself in the coming year. December 31 makes everything seem possible.

Professionally, since I have my own business, December 31 enables me to take stock of my strengths and weaknesses. It forces me to make better plans for the next year

Socially, Dec 31 shows me who means the most to me because you usually think of those people on this day. It is a lovely time when people from around the world are united in joy.

All days in life are special but December 31 makes me feel the most optimistic, hopeful and thankful of all.